Based upon MWT Materials proprietary technology, our MAC series electrical RF absorbers utilize circuit analog technology to provide highly effective passive RF control in a physically thin package. Our quilted textile products (MAC-6000, 8000 and 9000 series) all utilize this process, allowing for broadband microwave suppression in packages under 0.25 inch (0.64 cm) thickness. These unique high performance EMF absorbing materials can be tuned to provide RF suppression with a peak of more than -20 dB in the range between 1.5 GHz and 18 GHz.

Mobile telephone service providers have effectively used our MAC-8101 thin, flexible RF absorbing blankets for PIM reduction (to suppress side-lobe, back-lobe, far-field interference in co- located antennas on their cellular towers). Wide area WiFi installers, similarly use our MAC-8101 to suppress unwanted side- lobe emissions affecting their antennas.

Our easy-to-handle MAC-6000 and MAC-8000 series of RF absorbing materials afford significant savings in labor and space when compared to traditional pyramidal foam RF absorbers. They contain an RF reflective ground plane to reject outside EMF and layers of microwave absorbing materials to suppress unwanted RF signals inside the area being treated and reduce multipathing.

Our blanket-like RF absorbers are made from a flexible material, allowing them to be portable. They are easy to move and fold and are a good alternative to RF foam. Our panels are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. They can be installed between studs, behind standard sheet rock, or wall and ceiling panels where they act as a radio wave absorber.

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Low frequency RF absorber

Mid frequency RF absorber

High frequency RF absorber

RFID absorber in a curtain form

Thin and flexible in blanket or panel format

These materials don’t require specialized tools or techniques to install. They are available with a variety of outer covers to handle various environmental conditions. From the mild (PVC outer cover) to outdoor environments (UV-Stabilized acrylic coated nylon) to extreme conditions (Hypalon-coated Kevlar), our products have been shown to withstand the test of time, yielding repeatable performance for over 15 continuous years with rough handling.

Our electrical RF absorber comes in a curtain format, MAC-9101 for the isolation of RFID signals.

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"I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal thanks for continued responsive support and outstanding cooperation. Millimeter Wave has been extremely cooperative in providing the Navy with substantial product improvements without jeopardizing critical ship installation schedules. Once again thank you for a job well done."

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