MWT-Materials manufactures both MagRAM (Magnetic Radar Absorbing Material) and electrically conductive RF isolation coatings. These EMC control products are used to provide passive RF control by minimizing RF crosstalk, noise and RF interference (RFI) in analog and digital applications across many industries.

MF-500 Urethane Broadband MagRAM coating is a coated carbonyl iron-based RF absorbing paint in a proprietary urethane acrylic resin. It has a durable abrasion-resistant finish and is stable in hot and cold environments. A marine grade is available.

ME-500 series electrical EMF isolation products contain our proprietary blends of carbon, copper, and aluminum. They are useful for application to uneven surfaces and the containment of RF signal in an enclosed environment.

Data Sheets:

MF-500 Urethane
MagRAM RF absorbing coating

Urethane (solvent based) electrically conductive Carbon RF isolation coating

Acrylic (water based) electrically conductive Carbon RF isolation coating

Urethane Al & Cu electrically conductive RF isolation coating

Easy to apply using brush, roller or spray

Our products are as easy to use as paint. They can be sprayed on or applied with a brush or roller.