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Statement of Capabilities                             October 21, 2020


MWT Materials (and our predecessor, Millimeter Wave Technology) has been active in the research, development, analysis, and manufacture of radar absorbing materials and coatings (RAM) since the early 1980s.  We are the premier provider of RF isolation products for the RFID , telecom, and aerospace industries, providing both absorption and isolation solutions to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Our commitment to excellence has enabled us to achieve renowned customer satisfaction and performance.

Our overarching goal is to provide world class solutions and not oversell.  To provide the  best solution given the customer’s technical, financial, and physical constraints in a timely and professional manner.


Core Capabilities

Our science based approach to resolution of RF compatibility and isolation issues has allowed us to provide unique and robust solutions in varied industries and government.  Our hands on approach allows for testing, manufacture and qualification of product to meet those needs.

Services include:

  • Consulting for design and performance requirements
  • Consulting services and advice for third party solutions
  • Consulting and support for Low Observable (LO) systems
  • RF Control Product Design
  • Direct customer interaction to ensure proper product selection
  • Custom manufacture with performance validation and certifications
  • In house production of RF Absorbing and Isolating products
  • Product installation or drop shipping as required
  • Custom test and measurement systems


  • Certified Small Business
  • All products are ROHAS certified
  • Test data per ASTM
  • Product Certificates of Compliance

Major Clients

  • US DOD
  • US DOD Subcontractors
  • RFID Integrators
  • RFID Users
  • Telecom (Mobile)
  • Aerospace (Commercial and Military_


  • 314999 Textile Products
  • 541380 Electronic testing services
  • 334515 Digital test equipment
  • 541690 Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

Partners and authorized resellers

  • Products and services are sold direct from the company. Please call us for a discussion of authorized partners

Staff clearances and certifications

  • MWT Materials is ISO 9000 Compliant. A copy of our Quality Management document is available upon request
  • All Products are ROHAS Certified and product certifications are available as required

General Company information:

MWT Materials, Inc            DBA Millimeter Wave Technology


90 Dayton Ave

Building 10 , STE 3i

Passaic, NJ  07055


Tel:  +1 973-928-9300


Type C Corporation, Incorporated 1999 State of New York

DUNS Number       128287245

CAGE Code           1MEG1


Contact information

Michael Katz, President

MWT Materials

90 Dayton Ave

Building 10, STE 3i

Passaic, NJ  07055

Tel: +1 973-928-8300        email:

Please send an email to SALES@MWTMATERIALS.COM to order product or request a quote