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MWT Newsroom

A short history of our company


MARCH 1991 - MWT products first installed and demonstrated to Naval Research Laboratories


JANUARY 2000 - Name change from Millimeter Mave to MWT Materials and move to Passaic, NJ


OCTOBER 2004 - New Product Release: Accusorb MRI® Medical Imaging Products


NOVEMBER 2005 - New Product Release: MAC-9101 RFID Portal Isolation Curtains


MAY 2006 - New Product Application: ME-2100 blocks nearby cell signals in IC production facility


MARCH 2006 - New Product Application: MAC-8101 installed creating an RF quiet Wi-Fi laboratory


FEBRUARY 2010 - New Product Release: MF-402 Type CR RF Absorbing Powder


AUGUST 2012 - New Product Application: MWT Materials flies with the Mars Curiosity Rover!


JANUARY 2013 - New Product Release:PR-20 RF Reflectometer with portable NRL Arch


OCTOBER 2013 - New Product Release: 3D Scanning & Printing, metrology of RF absorbing parts


OCTOBER 2014 - New Product Application: MAC-8101 improves signal in wide area Wi-Fi


NOVEMBER 2014 - MAC-9101 RFID Curtains installed at LAS - Las Vegas McCarran airport


JANUARY 2015 - New Product Application: MAC-8101 covers robot in an RF interrogation system


JUNE 2015 - New Product Application: MAS-310 RF fixes misreads in active RFID conveyor system


SEPTEMBER 2015 - New Product Application: MAC-8101 eliminates RF reflections in cellular tower


OCTOBER 2015: MWT moves to new facilities and gets a corporate logo refresh

Our products have helped many customers in a wide range of industries solve otherwise difficult-to-manage RF control problems.

MWT Materials has always focused on providing solutions to our clients’ RF control issues. It’s the driving force behind our new product and application development. Here are a few highlights of this ongoing process.

Please send an email to SALES@MWTMATERIALS.COM to order product or request a quote