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Safety Data Sheets

How to use our products responsibly

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Accusorb MRI

Image enhancement medical device (see:


Sol gel ceramic coating

MAC-6000 -8000 Series

Our line of electrical RF absorbers


RFID isolation curtains

MAS & ME 300 Series

MagRAM and Electrical RF absorbers in sheet form

ME-505 Urethane

Cabon based electical conductive coating


Aluminum and Copper based electrical conductive coating

MF-400 Type C Powder

Standard temperature corrosion resistant active MAGRAM filler

MF-402 Type CR Powder

High temperature corrosion resistant active MAGRAM filler

MF-500 Urethane

Urethane based MAGRAM paint

MF-510 Epoxy

Epoxy based MAGRAM paint

MF-520 Silicone

Silicone based MAGRAM paint

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