Accusorb MRI ® is an innovative, inexpensive and easy-to-use technology that dramatically simplifies MR imaging. It works by physically restricting the scanner’s field of view (via radio frequency absorption and isolation) keeping unwanted areas outside the established field from wrapping into the image. Covered areas “disapear” from the scan. Accusorb MRI ® uses our advanced flexible RF absorbers and thermal barriers to prevent heating of the blanket so the patient remains comfortable throughout the scan.

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Accusorb MRI ®
RF control for MR imaging

Accusorb MRI ® virtually eliminates “image wraparound, “ghosting” and unwanted artifacts, limiting the need to use the anti-aliasing system software option.

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What our customers have to say:

“We have found the RF blankets invaluable for several types of scans. By wrapping the opposite lower extremity when scanning a knee, calf, thigh, foot or ankle, we can use small FOV's without worrying about phase wrap. Similarly, in the chest or abdomen studies we wrap both arms with the small RF blankets for those patients that are unable to hold their arms over their head. This allows for shorter breath-hold scanning, which in some cases for the elderly and/or extremely ill, means the completion of a successful scan. We really do use your product frequently!”

Sheri StorrsSouthern Tier Imaging
Johnson City, New York

“We had a patient last week for a MRI of their right knee who presented with a locked knee in a 45 degree angle. The patient did not fit any of the conventional coils. We do not have a suitable small flex coil at this site that could have solved the problem. Out of options, the patient was positioned in a right decubitus position using GE's body- array coil. We then wrapped the other leg in Accusorb to basically "make it disappear" from the situation. The resulting exam was very successful, images clear, and patient serviced where otherwise the exam would not have been successful!”

Paul YoungMRI Team Leader
The Aberdeen Hospital
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia